World Cultural Heritage

Kawaguchi Asama Shrine

A shrine where you can enjoy beautiful scenery rich in nature

Mount Fuji worship place

Torii in the sky where you can see Mount Fuji


Foundation of the Asama Shrine was in 865 that calms the anger of the eruption of Mt. Fuji and it is currently registered as the World Cultural Heritage as a part of Mt.Fuji's religious object and artistic source.


The Asama Shrine was built from the religion of worshiping the sacred peak Fuji from the top of a small hill with Mt. Long time ago, it is derived from reading

"浅間" as "asama" as Japanese reading of kanji, kun yomi instead of "sengen" as Chinese reading , on yomi.
The relationship between Fuji and people continues with;

遥拝(Youhai)”, worship from long distance, 

修験(Shugen)”, training,

登拝(Tohai)”, worship with climbing
Our shrine is the only one that has the above three religious service of all,
Youhai, Shugen and Tohai.

Come and pray at a shrine

First of all, bow before you enter the shrine big gate, Torii.
Walk along the side of the path. It is considered disrespectful to the deities to walk in the middle.
You will find out the big washbasin with decorated bronze dragon. 

Wash your left hand and then right hand to purify yourselves before making a pray.
Put some coin into the offering box named “賽銭箱(
saisenbako)“ usually in front of the main shrine building.
There are 3 steps as praying routine;

Bow twice deeply 


Clap your hands twice. 


Then, pray during putting your palms together.
After praying, bow one more time.