Mount Fuji worship place

Torii in the sky is located 30 min. walk from Asama shrine.
You can see Mount Fuji through the frame of Torii. 

About Fuji worship place 

Mt. Fuji is the subject of the worship keeping with long distance.
Remember you are in the chief priest's private property.
While maintaining harmony with the majestic nature, we create the time and space of Masahide who lives in the shrine.
Please refrain from doing anything that would hinder the activities and religion of the shrine.
There are rules for photography etc. for private land.


While maintaing harmony with the majestic nature, we create the worship space towards the full scale of Mt. Fuji and the praying time.

Also, when you take photos and videos, give each other a good deal and follow the manners and rules.

Rules and manners for taking photo or video

When taking photos and videos, give each other a good deal and follow the manners and rules.
Prior to take photos, ask us for issuing a photography permit only to those who have signed the rules and adhere to the following rules and do not disturb the public order.
* You need to pay JPY500 for license card (valid for one year) for taking photography with your camera.
  The breakdown consists of issuance costs and facility maintenance costs.
* License cards are not required for taking photos with smartphones and mobile phones, as long as follow the manners and rules.
* If you are annoying others, your license card will be forfeited and departed.

General manners for the photographer

・ Do not go beyond fences or ropes. (We deeply care cherry blossoms, flowers, grass, etc.)
・ Do not enter any places other than the aisles without signs.
-Not only it will be crushed when you step on it, but fungi and pests on the back of your shoes will cause infection to plants.
・ There is no parking lot for visitors. Do not park on the street.
   We hope that you can worship from Satomiya.
・ During a festival or if there are worshippers, stop taking photo and be careful not to get in the way.
・ Do not throw away trash.
Please pick up any trash that has fallen.

Rules for taking photo/video

・ First, please check if taking photos is ok. ※See below
・ Using the tripod is limited at the designated area. ※See below
-Using flash photography is limited within a range that does not bother others.
・ Do not bother worshipers or general tourists.
・ Do not change the environment by breaking the branches for your own convenience.
・ When photographing worshipers and tourists, strictly illuminate a portrait right.
・ Since it is the private property, no license is issued and it cannot be sold as photo stock.
・ Your advanced application and approval is the condition of Commercial photography.
・ Drone flight and aerial photography are prohibited because of private property

illustrated by Sakura

Don't enter anything but the corridor.